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How To Crop In Lightroom Like A Professional

How To Crop In Lightroom Like A Professional

By JimSchubert | July 10, 2017

Ready to learn how to crop in Lightroom like a professional photo editor? In this lesson, I’ll show you the basics of cropping in Lightroom. And I’ll also teach you some advanced methods to help you crop for maximum visual impact. Let’s start by making a basic straighten and crop of your image. 1. Open…

5 Sunrise Photography Tips

5 Valuable Sunrise Photography Tips I Will Never Forget

By JimSchubert | May 12, 2017

6:15 AM  – Fripp Island, South Carolina – The alarm on my phone goes off to wake me up…..while I’m on VACATION! How rude. But it was finally time to put all the sunrise photography tips I’d learned into practice. The solitude of an empty beach is what I love most about Fripp Island. So as…

Meet Spark Camera Remote

3 Reasons I’m Excited About The New Spark Camera Remote

By JimSchubert | May 1, 2017

This past week, Alpine Labs launched a Kickstarter campaign for their newest product, the Spark Camera Remote. Like their other ingenious tools, Spark promises to be a godsend for landscape photographers who want a quick, easy way to remotely trigger their camera in a variety of situations. Here’s why I’m so excited to get my…

How To Take Sharp Landscape Photos

How To Take Sharp Landscape Photos Using Hyperfocal Distance

By JimSchubert | April 23, 2017

Over the years, I’ve struggled learning how to take sharp landscape photos when I have a close foreground subject. I never seemed to get a completely sharp photo until I learned how to use hyperfocal distance. Since then, my landscape photography has improved by leaps and bounds.   A post shared by Jim Schubert (@schubertjim)…